"Nobody for president"


The 60's

This trip is dedicated To Abbie Hoffman. 
In a Funny way, Spiritual leader.
Abbie was a great guy He felt too deeply
  and saw too much  

" 1960
Abbie Hoffman said he was "pychologically born" in this year.

October, 1967
Hoffman arrested while attempting to measure the Pentagon.

December, 1967
Hoffman and Rubin meet to discuss possibility of having
demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in
" Quoted from University of Misouri- Kansas City School of Law - famous trials

He had a good ride anyway.

Ok trips over, this is real


The 60's in Context with today

The 60's didn't end in the sixties. many of the same things are still being persued: Can you trust your government? Civil Rights, Secret government agendas, Bombing Cambodia,Violence in the streets, Revolutionaries, Lies, lies, and damned lies in the news. We used to read crazy stuff in the Berkley Barb. I thought it was a great put-on. Imagine my surprise .., here is a nice page with some good info on the 60's

The attempts to crush dissent have taken 40 years to bear fruit but are 99% successful at this time.

Things don't seem to be improving very fast either. The Right Wing has succeded in circumventing the rule of law in the United States, and is working on the rest of the world.

Not even the Geneva Convention treaty is adhered to.

Among the first things the current administration did upon being apointed (NOT elected), was to repudiate treaties which were not to the liking of the appointed administration, withdraw from the peace process in the Middle east (arguably a trigger point for the Sep. terrorist attacks, see Pearl Harbor), and begin to punish the states which led the vote against the appointed party (see Enron, Calif. Energy Crisis). Enron was reported as Bushes largest contributor according to some sources, by the way.

I thought at the time that it was all very healthy because it appeared that a moral concience evolving. Unfortunately, moving on was all to easy.

( hey look -- Henry Kissinger was in the news again, where do I know him from again?)


It's all History, baby

Students for a democratic society SDS
Historical Timeline


CIA Director Allen Dulles - Strange indeed!

The LSD Experiments - The 1994 Rockefeller Report

Drug Experiments

Dr Olsons strange trip

Some strange connections kaczynski It turns out that Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard in the late 1950s and early 1960s. LA Times Summerized here. By the way ...(1)

Dirty tricks

Tricky Dick


Bombing Cambodia

The roots of the Labor movement Law and Order
Civil Rights  - SNCC 'SNIK'
The Free Speech Movement

Social Justice

Weather underground


Peoples Park

Protest movements

Police Riots

Bob Dylan
People Power
Flower Power

FBI "The court also noted that it was determined after appellate argument that the F. B. I, with the knowledge and complicity of Judge Hoffman and prosecutors, had bugged the offices of the Chicago defense attorneys." Law

The FBI Files on Abbie Hoffman! 4100 pages

Martin Luther King A 1977 report by a Department of Justice task force summarizing the FBI's Martin Luther King, Jr., security and assassination investigations. 221 page



Summer of love 

A Tour

Wavy Gravy
Muhamahd Ali
Malcom X
Abbie Hoffman - all they learned from his antics, Performance Art or 'trivializing social commentary'

Election Time

Jerry Rubin

The Chicago Seven The Trial


Things haven't changed much

"Well, first they murdered peaceful separatists, but I wasn't a separatist. Then they
incinerated an eccentric religious group, but I'm mainstream middle class. Then
they came after the legal naturalized immigrants, but I was a native born
American. And then they came after me ... the peaceful middle class. And civil
rights took on a contemporary definition." US Department of Justice and US Government Abuse WATCH


the new players get together with the Old Guard


Ruby Ridge - Randy Weaver and his family "." ... it having been the
marshal's conclusion that none of the Weavers would ever surrender so long as Vicki was alive





Border Patrol




The Path to Then

Bohemia The beatnics


(1) Some of The Secrets of the Universe

"Richard Alpert, a Harvard renegade, an obviously unbalanced man who had gone off the deep end of his
life, now appeared before me as somebody I identified with strongly.... But there was a further implication. Alpert, now Ram Dass ..."
Once picked me up and gave me a lift to Big Sur. Seemed a little strange and kind of straight as I recall. circa 1968 R.K.


Steal This Book
originally published by Pirate Editions, Inc., New York
currently published by Four Walls Eight Windows, New York
distributed by Grove Press, Inc., New York
318 pages
by Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Ed Sanders
Published by Warner Paperback Library, New York
Revolution for the Hell of It
Published by Dial Press, Inc.
Pocket Book Edition published 1970
with intro Chicago: Two Years After
245 pages

Woodstock Nation: A Talk-Rock Album
Published by Random House, New York
154 pages
To America with Love: Letters from the Underground
by Abbie Hoffman and Anita Hoffman
Published by Stonehill Publishing, Inc.
Introduction by Anita Hoffman
206 pages
Soon to be a Major Motion Picture
Published by Berkley Books, New York
Introduction by Norman Mailer
286 pages
Square Dancing in the Ice Age
Published by South End Press, Boston
242 pages
Steal this Urine Test
by Abbie Hoffman and Jonathan Silvers
Published by Penguin Books, New York
262 pages