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  Here comes my Birthday Party (64th) - The theme is the Beatles Song
When I'm Sixty-Four
By John Lennon and  Paul McCartney
The Party is the 14th at Henry Miller Memorial Library but I'll be down there from fri on. Heh. Heh. Heh.
Henry Miller Library

"CONDITIONS: No fee, it's free. Big Sur Coast Foods will bring drinks at "cost" prices. You bring something to eat if you like and a little extra to share. Bring or send as many friends as you like, as long as they're wide awake and ready to live like it." excerpt from - Roy

Here is a Map
So ..Ive sent a bunch of mail and realized that I've not explained the state of the universe here!

I had a Serious Party when I turned 60.

The theme was 'Into the 60's' and I meant every nuance of the expression!
Since, I have occasionally reflected that History in some cases SHOULD repeat.
I have determined that the theme for this birthday should be

The phrase

"Will you Still Love Me When I'm Sixty-Four"

So whats the significance of that line Will you Still Love Me When I'm Sixty-Four? being the theme?


Absolutely nothing! It just sounded cool.

Besides, I AM turning 64. Wow! 16 again. oops.

However, remember what the 60's brought us? Rant

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