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Welcome to Bohemia

I live in Silly Valley and am a native Californian. (I've met a couple of others so we do exist)

Here is a guest book it's new to me so we'll see how it works.

(seems ok, ignore my test entries)

I'm a hopeless techie but have pretty broad interests. I read incessantly! Lots of Sci-Fi and mysteries besides the usual techi junk. (Sometimes 3-4 novels a day.)

Heres a little aside for ya. I'm spending a lot of time recently up-dating this site. Today, (Monday, Jan 22, 2002) as I wait for stuff to load or download, I am amusing myself perusing the book "Everything is Under Control" by Robert Anton Wilson. I'm searching for info on implementating DSP's in FPGAs. I'm reading the section on 'The Crying of Lot 49, by Thomas Pynchon. I click on a link at Chip Center Design Tools Digsim Naji S. Ghazal (Iwan van Rienen). As I read that the story revolves around a mysterious corporation called Yoyodyne, Cannot find server "" comes up on the screen! Pretty Scary huh? Them Berzerkly guys got a sense of humor!

Here are my   while in Europe

Sometimes just a quick one down to Big Sur. Often camping.

Just as often I'll be hanging out at Henry Millers' pad. (The Henry Miller Library)

Here's a scene I'd like to see as typical of Big Sur This and That Quartet performing at the Library as part of a Big Sur Natives show.

I often can be found at The River Inn Store...early the morning, because thats the first place open in the morning for coffee!

Or moving south ...

Here is the view from the BigSurCam at Nepenthe


The Big Sur Natives know how to get it on!

This is the poster from the Oct 7, 2001 Jade festival.

Big Sur Natives

and the

Sacred Dancers

Here are my pics of the Jade festival last summer(2001)


There is usually something happening! Even if it's just at a friends place.

Some people claim I never got over the  Probably true.

For the pure pleasure of it I spend a lot of time and money on 

I enjoy Graphics and have been known to waste a serious amount of time on it

I have done some interesting stuff with POV-Ray, but it's hard not to! I mostly use shareware or cheap programs but also use Bryce. ( My Son got it and lost interest)
A Much needed rest . . . But the Wizard is still here!

I recently had a B'Day (last oct).

I'm don't have a lot of parties but I happened to mention it to a friend ... and he said "well come on down here and have a party"

So at the one week mark I sent out The Word we proceeded to 

Here are some pictures of the Party

My hobbies tend to move around a bit depending on how much time I have available.

Long term interests include Cars, Hiking, Camping, Art in all forms, Music (Guitar, Drums), Literature, Poetry, Karate (primarily kumite), Programming and Graphics