Out of the blue, I suddenly had time for a trip to Europe. I have wanted to go since the 60's, when most of my friends dissappeared for their trips to Europe but just never made the time.

Finding myself with time on my hands, I made the jump and actually bought a ticket!

So I'm on the way to being off ... of course, some people say i've been off for years.

Well, most, actually.

But here we go.

My Thoughts on leaving

"I think I'll go to Keplers and steal abbies book.
   I guess i'll buy a bunch of the rest of his stuff to make up for it." (nice notion but didn't happen)

Take off Tues. morn at 8:00

Need a bunch of books -- I'll go to Keplers Sun/Mon ... (Too late - didn't make it. Bought a couple of books at the Airport)
Check out where to stay ....
The scene is cool in holland, belgium, denmark, switzerland, and germany for the most part. England a little.
Wed 14th arrive Amst - Stay@ ...
Fri. 16th leave for Sheffield Concert In the morning Stay@ ...

So what actually happened...

Land in Amsterdam, found Hostel (Annas Hostel, nice people)
Left Friday for England. Took the High Speed Ferry - what a great ride!
Rail to London for connections to Sheffield. Overnite in London. Expensive!
Off to Sheffield in the morning.
Found a hotel. (The Novatel) Expensive but not so bad as London.

  Festival in Sheffield
Sheffield Pictures
This is an image of a building in Sheffield with a picture done in brick, very nice

Left monday for the continent. Tube to Brussels, supposed to be high speed but it was an hour late.
It was funny to hear the conductor complain about the 15 minute late departure when we lost another 45 minutes on the trip waiting for the track to clear!

Stayed at the Hostel Van Gogh, interesting. (Story:banging on the wrong door)

Pictures are coming,.

Left for Munich and Germering

Since I got to Munich for the first snow of the year I decide to go to the mountains. Lets go to some little Bavaria villiage or something! Well, I decide to go to the glacier since thats the only year-round ski place.

Ticket to ... Neustift, I think!


Innsbruck Pictures

Oops, we're in Innsbruck!



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