I know what brought you to my mind
-- Jimmy playing 'Kiss the Sky'

JoAnne, So sweet .

A friend and Lover from so long ago.
He's still playing and you are still alive.
You will never be gone . . .

So Bob and I are listening
Spaced on the tunes
and I thought of you once again ...

Imagined you Smiling , holding your child ...that I never saw

I never saw that .. just heard.

Until I saw Ron, in Santa Cruz, with some other babe, a pale almost.  I didn't know for sure. . .
Tho I saw Norman and Rusty and they certainly had a lot to say!
But I'll never forget the smile on Rustys face when she told me you were gone ... with your baby.

We never mentioned it when we met by accident.
i didn't want to know. but I feel sad.
I guess I'm pathetically romantic, huh?

we were ...

and then we weren't

he didn't keep her safe. but she never wanted that anyway.

we walked down different sides of the same street.

i remember that.