"School is ok except you have to
get up at the butt crack of dawn
and you only went to sleep an
hour or two ago ..."

Mel at 14

The big 16!

So the latest mini-event is Mels Birthday!
The big 16! 

"I feel so old now!"

She showed up with 3 of her girl friends at 9 or 10:00 o'clock in the evening thursday.
Later the boyfriends showed up. All Punkers.
I got some pictures I'll put up later.

In the meantime, the Girls got on the Internet and pulled down some pictures of themselves at Raves, here in San Jose.


On Saturday I got a sudden itch and drove the Mustang to San Francisco. No pictures but I had a good time.

Had lunch on Grant St. in North Beach and stopped at the Cafe Trieste where there was a quartet doing

Comedia del Opera.

The woman singer had a decent voice and a great range of expression.
I paid $5.00 for a double expresso and sat a while.
It's Sunday morning, on my second cup of coffee. Have a nice day.